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26 August 2020

NRG: Looking to the future

25 August 2020

Although rattled by the international oil and gas price collapse, governments and investors continue to press forward – either through new legislation or new projects

'Daunting challenges lie in way of those minded to revive Trans-Caspian Pipeline project'

24 August 2020

Analyst says: “TCP has great political appeal and is destined to remain alive for many years, if only on PowerPoint presentations... it will provide fodder for politicians and bureaucrats (ignorant of or not understanding commercial realities)."

BEYOND THE BOSPORUS: Has Erdogan discovered more reserves of hot air?

21 August 2020

So far the markets don’t see Turkey’s gas find in the Black Sea as a game-changer and the more cynical perceive Ankara as bigging it up to put a brake on the beleaguered lira. The jury, however, is still out.