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10 March 2022

MOSCOW BLOG: Recalibrating for the economic war with Russia

9 March 2022

OK people. It’s time to recalibrate. The war between Moscow and Kyiv in Ukraine just went global. It’s now a full blown economic war between East and West.

US bans imports of Russian oil and gas

9 March 2022

US President Joe Biden announced on March 8 that his country was banning imports of Russian oil and gas, as well as coal.

EU vows to cut Russian gas supply by two thirds within a year

9 March 2022

The European Commission has unveiled plans to cut EU gas imports from Russia by 100bn cubic metres within one year. Russia is the bloc's single largest supplier of the fuel, meeting around 40% of its demand.

Spotlight shines on US LNG as Europe grapples with gas questions

5 March 2022

US LNG is in the spotlight as Europe urgently considers how it can reduce dependence on Russian gas in the wake of Moscow’s attack on Ukraine.

IEA members to release 60mn barrels amid Ukraine conflict

4 March 2022

International Energy Agency (IEA) members led by the US agreed on March 1 to a co-ordinated release of crude oil from emergency stockpiles.

EU’s Green Deal plans could replace 50 bcm of Russian gas imports

4 March 2022

The International Energy Agency has outlined how the EU could reduce its gas imports from Russia by one third within a year by boosting green energy and reducing consumption.