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31 March 2022

Rosneft-owned Schwedt refinery near Berlin puts the problems with sanctioning Russian oil under the spotlight

30 March 2022

The oil refinery in Schwedt supplies Berlin with 95% of its oil products, but it is owned by a Russian oil company and imports all its oil from Russia. Forcing it to stop is not so easy, the German government has found.

US steps up efforts to supply more LNG to Europe

27 March 2022

The US has taken further steps to help send more LNG to Europe to replace Russian gas, but its capacity to significantly ramp up exports of the fuel remains limited.

Think-tanks say total halt to EU Russian gas imports possible by 2025

25 March 2022

The EU stands a good chance of replacing 100% of its gas imports by 2025 without resorting to coal or new gas import infrastructure.