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15 April 2022

DATACRUNCH: Sanctions by the numbers – gas

14 April 2022

Voices are calling very loudly for the EU to shut off deliveries of Russian gas immediately. Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, Germany has paid Russia some €9bn a week for gas imports that critics say is being used to fund the Putin war.

EU developing more ambitious targets for renewable energy, says climate policy chief

13 April 2022

The European Union will establish higher targets for renewable energy as it seeks more energy independence from Russia, the bloc’s climate policy chief Frans Timmermans has told reporters.

DATACRUNCH: Sanctions by the numbers – oil

12 April 2022

Russia dominates Europe’s oil supplies, accounting for 25% of all oil deliveries. Most of Europe wants to diversify away from Russian oil, but adding to the difficulties is that much of this oil is delivered not by ship but the Druzhba pipelines.

Hungary to circumvent EU sanctions through gas payment 'technical solutions'

12 April 2022

Hungary plans to pay for Russian gas in euros through Gazprombank, which will convert the payment into roubles.

Poland pushing hard to end oil dependency on Russia

10 April 2022

Warsaw has been accused of dragging its feet about ending Russian oil imports, while calling for an urgent EU-wide embargo at the same time.

Turmoil in Libya continues as Europe seeks more gas

7 April 2022

As NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla talks to European countries about making more gas available, Libya’s Oil Minister Mohammed Oun stresses the need for caution and capacity-building.