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22 January 2021

Mexican president suggests review of energy regulators’ roles

21 January 2021

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has suggested that the government review the roles of the independent agencies set up to oversee the fuel and energy sector, on the grounds that some of them are redundant.

Shell farms into CAN 100 project

21 January 2021

Equinor of Norway and Argentina’s national oil company (NOC) YPF have agreed to team up with Royal Dutch Shell (UK/Netherlands) for the exploration and development of CAN 100, an offshore block in the North Argentinian Basin.

Petrobras comments on timing, progress of refinery sales

21 January 2021

Brazil’s national oil company (NOC) Petrobras said earlier this week it had not yet given final approval to amendments to its agreements with the Administrative Council for Economic Defence (CADE) on the sale of eight oil refineries.

PetroTal extends oil sales contract with Petroperu by two years

21 January 2021

Canada’s PetroTal has extended the term of its crude oil sales contract with Petroperu, the national oil and gas regulatory agency of Peru, by two years.

YPF prepares for talks on debt restructuring, securities swap

21 January 2021

Argentina’s national oil company (NOC) YPF is gearing up for talks with creditors on a debt restructuring deal that may include a voluntary bond swap proposed earlier this month.

BHP confirms failure of Broadside-1 well

21 January 2021

Australia’s BHP has revealed that it did not find any hydrocarbons in Broadside-1, a well drilled last year at Block 3 offshore Trinidad and Tobago.

PdVSA invites private Venezuelan companies to operate some of its oilfields

21 January 2021

Venezuela’s government has reportedly offered to let small, privately owned companies operate fields assigned to state-owned PdVSA in a bid to prop up sagging production levels.

ExxonMobil’s Hassa-1 well proves disappointing

19 January 2021

The US super-major ExxonMobil has reportedly experienced a disappointment at Hassa-1, a well drilled at the Stabroek block offshore Guyana.

Total makes fourth oil find at Block 58

19 January 2021

France’s Total and its US-based partner Apache revealed last week that they had struck oil for the fourth time in the Keskesi-1 well at Block 58 offshore Suriname.

What’s next for the Venezuelan sanctions regime?

15 January 2021

The incoming Biden administration is likely to take a softer approach to Venezuelan sanctions, but opposition leader Guaido will continue to play a role in US policy discussions .