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5 January 2023

MEEI confirms plan to negotiate with BP, Shell on revision of bids for deepwater blocks

4 January 2023

Trinidad and Tobago is preparing for talks with BP and Shell of the UK on revising the terms of the offers submitted for four of the blocks included in last year’s deepwater licensing round.

Young says oil and gas generated more than half of T&T’s revenues in 2022

4 January 2023

Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young has said that the oil and gas industry accounted for more than half of all the revenue generated by the country in 2022.

AMLO says Olmeca refinery will start operating at 170,000 bpd in July 2023

4 January 2023

Mexico's Pemex is reportedly on track to see the Olmeca oil refinery operate at 50% of its full design capacity of 340,000 bpd in H2-2023.

Barbados postpones 2022 Licensing Round again

4 January 2023

The Ministry of Energy and Business of Barbados has once again pushed back the start date for its next offshore licensing round.

Lula’s new line-up

4 January 2023

Brazil’s leftist president names new energy minister and Petrobras CEO.

US government authorises Sempra to re-export gas from LNG terminals on Mexico’s Pacific coast

4 January 2023

US-based Sempra Energy recently secured authorisation from the US government to pump natural gas by pipeline to Mexico for re-export as LNG.

ABPIP comments on investment trends in Brazil’s onshore sector

4 January 2023

Brazil's small- and medium-sized oil firms are expected to invest BRL40bn ($7.4bn) in onshore fields by 2029.

Pemex sees ESG challenges affecting future funding efforts

4 January 2023

Mexico's Pemex has expressed concern about its ability to uphold pledges to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, saying that future efforts to raise funding may hinge on ESG issues.

Chevron prepares to resume Venezuelan oil exports

4 January 2023

The US oil company Chevron is reportedly preparing to resume shipments of Venezuelan crude oil after a hiatus of nearly four years.

Kanfer, CB Fenton aim to set up first LNG bunkering services near Panama Canal

3 January 2023

Norway’s Kanfer Shipping and CB Fenton, a shipping agency affiliated with Chile’s Ultramar, aim to become the first providers of LNG bunkering services on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal.

What’s next for Chevron in Venezuela?

16 December 2022

Chevron is expected to send a cargo of Merey crude to the US Gulf Coast market by the end of the year but faces constraints in its ability to invest in upstream production.