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11 April 2024

Crude oil prices remain in motion amid Middle East uncertainty

10 April 2024

Fresh talks between Israel and Hamas at the start of the week prompted Brent and WTI prices to slip from higher prices during the previous week, but a lack of progress in the talks by mid-week and a pending new attack by Israel prompted concern.

Iraq turns attention to Wasit Governorate, nears 5mn bpd target

10 April 2024

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil is working to set up another region-specific subsidiary that will be responsible for the development of fields in Wasit as it expands oil production capacity.

Iraq to rehabilitate Turkey pipe, bypassing Kurdistan

10 April 2024

Baghdad has said it is working to circumvent Kurdistan by repairing a direct conduit to allow for a resumption of oil flows to the Mediterranean

Jordan outlines plans to become hydrogen hub

9 April 2024

Jordan's energy minister has unveiled comprehensive plans to establish the country as a leading green hydrogen hub.

Pakistan to begin construction work on gas pipeline before Iranian president’s visit in April

8 April 2024

Preparations are underway in Pakistan to break ground on a much-delayed pipeline to receive Iranian natural gas ahead of a possible visit by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Islamabad this month.

US Treasury imposes sanctions against UAE shipping company

5 April 2024

The US Treasury has expanded its Iran sanctions list to include a UAE-based shipping company and 13 associated tankers allegedly involved in supplying energy to the Iranian military.

How Chinese oil imports are helping to support the regimes in Moscow and Tehran

4 April 2024

A new report by the Atlantic Council has suggested that China – using a so-called dark fleet in conjunction with Russian and Iran – is effectively getting around existing sanctions on oil purchases from both countries.

Asset managers sell stake in ADNOC Oil Pipelines

4 April 2024

BlackRock and KKR have sold their joint 40% stake in a 23-year lease concession for ADNOC's oil pipelines to local investment manager Lunate.

Iraq, Nigeria lead OPEC oil output fall

4 April 2024

According to a Reuters survey published April 1, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) output fell in March due to lower exports from Iraq and Nigeria.