REM - Renewable Energy

18 February 2021

South Korea's power output falls again in 2020

17 February 2021

South Korea's electricity generation fell for the second consecutive year in 2020 as demand dipped amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Israel awards 609 MW of solar PV at second tender

17 February 2021

Israel has awarded 608.95 MW of PV capacity and 2,400 MWh of storage at a price of 0.1745 ($0.0544) per kWh during its second ever solar-plus-storage tender.

China plans to raise green purchases to 40% by 2030

17 February 2021

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) is to force regional grid firms to buy at least 40% of their power from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030 in order to meet the country’s climate targets, Reuters reported.

US President Joe Biden unveils his third climate plan

17 February 2021

US President Joe Biden unveiled his third climate plan on 11 February. The White House has authorised the establishment of a Climate Innovation Working Group in a bid that Biden’s administration says will create jobs and tackle the climate crisis.

Texas grid massacre

17 February 2021

An arctic-like and deadly deep freeze in Texas has left the grid in chaos, forcing rolling blackouts as power production plummets and residents crank up their heating and prompting conservative politicians to blame renewable energy.

Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind surpasses 1 GW of wind turbine capacity in North America

17 February 2021

The North American subsidiary of Goldwind Science & Technology of China, has exceeded a total of 1 GW total wind turbine capacity in the US and Canada with the delivery of more than 400 MW of wind turbines in 2020 and early.

Floating offshore wind could arrive in California this decade

17 February 2021

Offshore wind projects with floating foundations may be arriving this decade in California, the cradle of the global modern wind industry back in the 1970s.

Satellite ‘detects alarming methane leaks after looking down on Turkmenistan’

13 February 2021

New technology said to have discovered gas field emissions that have the planet-warming impact of driving 250,000 internal-combustion cars.

AfDB to support West Africa to meet Paris commitments

11 February 2021

The African Development Bank has extended financial support to a project that will strengthen the efforts of West African countries to meet their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) targets under the Paris climate accord.

Kenya to invest $34mn in combating climate change

11 February 2021

Kenya has launched a $34mn project aimed at cushioning the effects of drought caused by climate change, targeting communities living in arid regions of the country.

South Korea signs 8.2-GW offshore wind deal

11 February 2021

A number of South Korean companies led by KEPCO, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and SK E&S have signed a $43bn deal to build what the South Korean government has said will be the world's biggest offshore wind power complex.

Delaying India’s emission deadline could hold back pollution fight

11 February 2021

The Indian Power Ministry’s efforts to extend the proposed deadline to meet emission norms for coal-based thermal power plants could hinder efforts to fight air pollution.

India’s quest to meet rising energy demand

11 February 2021

India is set to see the largest increase in energy demand of any country over next 20 years, a new IEA report says, highlighting potential for policies and investment to accelerate clean energy transition.

Vestas launches V236-15.0 MW turbine

11 February 2021

Vestas has launched the V236-15.0 MW, its largest ever turbine at 15 MW, using design synergies from existing turbine platforms, such as the 9-MW and EnVentus platforms.