REM - Renewable Energy

22 September 2022

Hitachi Energy to help supply 1mn homes in New York with Canadian hydro power

21 September 2022

Hitachi Energy has been selected by Transmission Developers to supply a high-voltage direct current converter station that is a key part of the 1,250-MW transmission line for hydro power Québec, Canada and Queens, New York City.

Voters in Swedish coastal town reject 1 GW offshore wind project in advisory vote

21 September 2022

Voters in the Swedish coastal town of Söderhamn have voted to ban development of offshore wind energy. The vote is advisory, and not legally binding, but shows the strength of some of the opposition renewable energy plants face.

Global offshore wind goals are sky-rocketing

21 September 2022

A global goal of 380 GW of offshore wind in 2030 has been set by stakeholders just days after the Dutch government set a goal of 70 GW by 2050 and ‘North Sea’ countries agreed to collaborate to install at least 260 GW of offshore wind by 2050.

Matrix secures 4.6-GW US solar deal

21 September 2022

Matrix Renewables, the TPG Rise-backed global renewable energy platform has secured a 4.6 GW portfolio of utility-scale solar energy projects across the central US.

US utility-scale solar costs decrease again

21 September 2022

According to a new Berkeley Lab report, in the US installed costs of utility-scale solar fell in 2021. Median installed costs declined to $1.35/WAC (or $1.0/WDC) based on a 5.4-GWAC sample of 62 plants completed in 2021.

New solar venture to develop 10 GW in North America by 2025

21 September 2022

US solar developer Prospect14 and its new partners will develop more than 10 GW in North America by 2025. The new group is named Ampliform.

Swiss Life to purchase 20% stake in Netherlands’ Borssele offshore wind farms

21 September 2022

Partners Group, a leading global private markets firm, has agreed to sell a 20% stake in a 731.5-MW Dutch offshore wind farm Borssele III / IV to Swiss Life Asset Managers on behalf of its investors.

Biden sets goal of 15 GW of floating offshore wind

21 September 2022

The Biden administration has set a goal of 15 GW of floating offshore wind by 2035, in addition to the previous goal of 30 GW of fixed-bottom offshore wind farms by 2030.

Pine Gate contracts 1 GW of late-stage solar projects

21 September 2022

Pine Gate Renewables, a renewable energy developer for utility-scale solar and storage, has announced that it has successfully contracted nearly 1 GW of late-stage solar development projects.

Slovenia’s Sigma Energy deploys device to convert sea waves into electricity

18 September 2022

Sigma Energy's full-scale Sigma WEC prototype deployed off Montenegro's Bar in the Adriatic Sea.

Nuclear power's share dropped to record low in OECD, but solar jumped to record highs thanks to hot summer

16 September 2022

Germany’s decision to take its nuclear power plants offline, coupled with production problems with France’s NPPs, saw the share of nuclear power in the OECD countries year to date fall to its lowest level ever, but solar boomed.