REM - Renewable Energy

17 August 2023

2.6 GW in draft wind energy areas identified off northwest US

16 August 2023

The federal government has identified 2.6 GW in draft wind energy areas off Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the US.

China constructs 2.8-GW pumped-storage hydro project in Gobi desert

16 August 2023

China is constructing a new 2.8-GW pumped-storage hydro project in the Gobi desert. The Qinghai Warang pumped-storage hydro electricity power station in north-western China will store excess renewable energy, like a giant battery.

Solar, storage add over $100bn to US economy in 12 months

16 August 2023

US solar and storage companies have announced more than $100bn in private sector investments since the Inflation Reduction Act became law a year ago on August 16, 2022, according to new analysis.

Siemens Gamesa has fix for onshore wind turbines, says CEO

16 August 2023

A week ago Siemens Energy revealed that quality issues in its wind turbine unit would cost the company €2.2bn ($2.4bn). And already the wind-turbine manufacturing subsidiary in question, Siemens Gamesa, says it has a fix.

Unravelling the controversial decision: Alberta's renewable energy moratorium

16 August 2023

Alberta, the largest oil and gas producing province in Canada, is facing pushback after imposing a seven-month halt on new wind and solar projects.

Norway delays deadline for application for offshore wind tracts

16 August 2023

Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has delayed the deadline for applications in the country’s first offshore wind tender.

Floating wind project off California gains approval to be sited near space launches

16 August 2023

Floventis Energy has agreed with the US Department of Defence to allow operation of the CADEMO floating offshore wind project near Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

Judge rules in favour of young activists in unprecedented US climate trial

16 August 2023

Sixteen young plaintiffs on Montana have successfully claimed that state officials have violated their right to a healthy environment.

Wintershall Dea makes first foray into UK CCS scene

16 August 2023

Germany’s Wintershall Dea has made its first foray into the nascent UK carbon capture and storage sector, securing this week its first licence for CO2 storage in the country from authorities.

Maxeon Solar to build $1bn US factory in New Mexico

16 August 2023

Maxeon Solar Technologies, a prominent Singapore-based player in solar, has selected Albuquerque, New Mexico, for its inaugural US manufacturing expansion.

RWE wins in Germany’s 1.8-GW offshore wind auction

16 August 2023

RWE has won three of four sites available in Germany’s 1.8-GW offshore wind tender. The tender used negative bidding as well as non-price criteria such as environmental standards.

AboitizPower enters into a JV with Philippines’ Vena Energy to build 109-MW wind power farm

16 August 2023

The renewable energy firm Aboitiz Renewables, part of AboitizPower, has entered a partnership with The Philippines’ Vena Energy to invest in a 102-MW wind power project, the company announced on August 16.

In focus: Norway's greatest climate project

16 August 2023

The raft of carbon capture, utilisation and storage projects are now emerging in north-west Europe, where the North Sea is poised to become Europe’s largest hub for CO2 storage.

Argentina has the potential to become a bigger lithium supplier than Chile

16 August 2023

Argentina — currently the world's fourth largest lithium producer — could become the world’s biggest producer in the short term, as it holds a strong pipeline of lithium projects close to coming online.

Vestas inks conditional deal for up to 1.2 GW offshore project in Poland

16 August 2023

Vestas has entered into a conditional agreement with PKN Orlen and Northland Power to deliver wind turbines for the offshore wind power project Baltic Power in Poland with a capacity of up to 1.2 GW.

First green hydrogen plant at industrial level opens in Chile

15 August 2023

The supermarket chain Walmart Chile has inaugurated the country’s first green hydrogen production plant at an industrial level, located in its distribution centre in Quilicura in the Metropolitan region.

Central Asia: Low water levels on Irtysh River create quandary for Kazakhstan

15 August 2023

An update on recent developments in Chinese-Russian-Central Asian affairs.

Hanoi’s long-term power-plan a mix of renewables, LNG and always … coal

15 August 2023

The Vietnamese government has underscored its commitment to reach net zero by 2050. In the same timeframe Hanoi has shown on paper at least it is trying to raise the percentage of renewable power in the mix to between 80% and 85% of the total.

Monsoon wind power project sets wheels in motion for Laos' renewable energy future

15 August 2023

The Monsoon Wind Power Project in Laos has taken a significant stride towards its completion as the installation of wind power turbines commences following the arrival of the turbines and blades from Thailand on Saturday, 12 August.

Voltalia opens new Albania office

15 August 2023

Euronext Paris-listed Voltalia has been active in Albania for more than five years. Voltalia initially undertook solar power plant construction for local clientele, later diversifying into its own photovoltaic and wind energy projects.

Petrobras tests offshore wind technology developed with University of Sao Paulo

14 August 2023

Petrobras has conducted performance tests of new offshore wind technology developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil Energy Insight reported on August 10.

Russian-built Rooppur nuclear power plant nears completion in Bangladesh

13 August 2023

The 1,200-MW VVER pressurised water reactor is one of a pair being constructed around 150 km west of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, a city of over 10mn desperate for additional reliable fuel supplies.

Wellington teams up with US firm BlackRock in a bid to go 100% green

13 August 2023

The government of New Zealand last week announced a strategic tie-up with New York-based BlackRock as the country looks to power its grid using entirely renewable energy sources.

Iranian officials inaugurate 10-MW solar plant in Semnan

13 August 2023

Iran inaugurates 10-MW solar power plant in Semnan province in the latest push to reduce reliance on fossil fuels as blackouts sweep country amid extreme heat.

Ukraine's nuclear power industry faces significant drop in electricity production and sales

11 August 2023

Nuclear-generated electricity production and sales in Ukraine have dropped by a quarter, Ukraine Business News reported on August 11.