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EU and G7 agree on Russian petroleum product price caps

5 February 2023

The caps came into force on February 5, three months after a similar cap of $60 per barrel was introduced on Russian crude oil exports.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Taliban’s lousy power deals exposed as Uzbekistan pulls plug in deadly cold

3 February 2023

Partly thanks to infrastructure projects blown up by the militants while they were trying to turf out the US, Afghanistan is dependent on neighbours for 73% of its electricity.

EU to give Ukraine $25mn for demining operations and 35mn LED lightbulbs to help energy sector

3 February 2023

The EU announced that it will provide Ukraine with 35mn energy-saving LED light bulbs and €25mn for humanitarian demining, the European Commission announced on February 3.

Infrastructure repairs restore 80% of Ukraine's electricity needs

3 February 2023

Successful repair work to Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure has been carried out and the majority of the war-torn country’s needs are being met, Ukraine Business News reported on February 3.