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NorthAmOil: A boost for Dakota Access

13 April 2021

The Dakota Access oil pipeline received a boost last week, when the administration of US President Joe Biden said it would not force the pipeline to be shut down while federal regulators carry out a new environmental review on the project.

Aramco seals oil pipelines deal

12 April 2021

A year of talks this week culminated in the sale of a 49% stake in Aramco Oil Pipelines Co. to a consortium of investors for $12.4bn.

Iran weighs options after ‘Israeli cyber-attack sets back nuclear programme’

12 April 2021

Tehran talks of revenge but Iranians will be wary of derailing nuclear deal revival attempts that could relieve Islamic Republic’s strangled economy.

Amazon, Google and financial giants team up to oppose anti-wind power bills in Texas

12 April 2021

Legislation that would drive up wind and solar power costs should not be passed, Amazon, Google and other large companies are telling the Texas governor in the wake of the big freeze in February that sent the state’s grid into disarray.