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REM: Norway to become green industrial giant with offshore wind, hydrogen and batteries

29 June 2022

Norway’s government has launched a plan for the country to become a green industrial giant using seven focus areas, including offshore wind, hydrogen and batteries.

AfrOil: NNPC data shows huge increase in Nigerian gasoline subsidies

29 June 2022

The Nigerian government spent nearly three times as much on domestic gasoline subsidies in the first five months of 2022 as it did in the same period of last year, according to Nigerian National Petroleum Co. Ltd (NNPC Ltd).

LatAmOil: Petrobras to receive first Guyanese oil cargo

29 June 2022

Brazil’s national oil company Petrobras is due to take delivery of its first cargo of Guyanese light sweet crude for domestic refining before the end of this week.

AsianOil: PetroChina reportedly weighing exit from Australia, Canada

29 June 2022

State-owned PetroChina is reported to be considering exiting its investments in Australia and Canada in a bid to divert funds to more profitable opportunities elsewhere.

EXPLAINER: how a price cap on Russian oil might work

29 June 2022

Europe is scrambling to find alternatives to Russian crude oil, natural gas and coal. But the fact remains that despite recent cuts in the amount that the EU buys from Russia, Moscow’s revenues from hydrocarbon exports still surged 40% this year.

Czech energy company CEZ switches away from Russian nuclear fuel

29 June 2022

CEZ signs contract with US nuclear power technology company Westinghouse and French Framatome.

Romania reports new gas from Black Sea, expects 90% gas self-sufficiency

29 June 2022

Energy minister says Black Sea Oil and Gas’ Midia development will boost self-sufficiency, as Europe tries to end dependence on Russian gas.

Europe’s gas storage on track to meet 80% full by start of heating season

29 June 2022

Europe’s gas storage tanks were 58.23% full as of June 26 and are still on course to hit the EU target of 80% full by October 1, the traditional start of the heating season, despite Russian cuts in gas flows to Europe this month.

Tug of war emerging over what role Iran (and its oil) should play in new world order

27 June 2022

France calls for efforts to get Iranian oil back on the market as Tehran re-enters nuclear deal talks, Tehran says it has applied to join BRICS and Israel secretly discusses defence coordination against Iran with Saudi Arabia.

Petroecuador seeks private partner to cut gas flaring in Amazon

24 June 2022

Petroecuador is seeking a private-sector partner in order to prevent the further flaring of associated gas during crude production in the Amazon, in line with a court-imposed deadline.

Gas crisis: Can Europe store enough gas this summer to get through the winter?

23 June 2022

“Winter is coming, and the night is full or terrors.” The Game of Thrones' most famous quote would serve well as a morning greeting for gas traders as they come into work.

African gas pipeline projects revived due to European gas crisis

23 June 2022

A mounting gas crisis in Europe caused by Russia’s decision to reduce flows has revived several African gas pipeline projects to take over from the Russian deliveries.

Ukraine targets oil infrastructure inside Russia

22 June 2022

A fire at an oil refinery 150 km behind Russia's front line has been widely attributed to a kamikaze attack by Ukrainian drones. This is only the latest in a series of targeted acts of sabotage in Russian territory.

Russia to back €1.5bn investment in two gas-fired power plants in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska

22 June 2022

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik announces major investment after he blocked Russia sanctions and voiced strong support for Russian President Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg.

NorthAmOil: Targa to buy Lucid in $3.6bn Permian acquisition

22 June 2022

Targa Resources announced on June 16 that it had struck a deal to buy Lucid Energy from Riverstone Holdings and Goldman Sachs Asset Management for $3.55bn in cash.

LatAmOil: APA reports on size of Krabdagu-1 well offshore Suriname

22 June 2022

APA Corp. (US) revealed on June 21 that Krabdagu-1, an exploration well drilled at Block 58 offshore Suriname, appears to contain at least 180mn barrels of oil in place (OIP).