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Romania’s CE Oltenia outlines restructuring and decarbonisation plan with €1.5bn of investments

24 August 2020

Troubled energy giant to scale down coal power production and gradually close its coal mines while investing into new renewables capacity.

'Daunting challenges lie in way of those minded to revive Trans-Caspian Pipeline project'

24 August 2020

Analyst says: “TCP has great political appeal and is destined to remain alive for many years, if only on PowerPoint presentations... it will provide fodder for politicians and bureaucrats (ignorant of or not understanding commercial realities)."

BEYOND THE BOSPORUS: Has Erdogan discovered more reserves of hot air?

21 August 2020

So far the markets don’t see Turkey’s gas find in the Black Sea as a game-changer and the more cynical perceive Ankara as bigging it up to put a brake on the beleaguered lira. The jury, however, is still out.

Claim that Turkey’s made Black Sea energy discovery sends ripple through markets

19 August 2020

Erdogan promises to deliver Turks some “good news” in two days that will signal “the beginning of a new era” for the nation. Against backdrop of beleaguered lira, Turkish president is badly in need of a lift.

Turkish refiner Tupras swings to Q2 net loss of TRY185mn

17 August 2020

Turkish refiner Tupras swings to TRY185mn net loss in Q2. Oil price and pandemic woes deal company double blow. Major companies in Turkey showing chunky FX deficits. Turkish Airlines becoming another burden for country.

US ‘grabs Iranian fuel en route to Venezuela’

14 August 2020

Move disrupts growing strategic alliance of two sanctioned nations that Washington finds hard to swallow.

Debut green bonds issued on Astana International Exchange

12 August 2020

UNDP backs milestone achievement of Kazakhstan’s Damu Entrepreneurship Fund. Move based on reduction of investment risks in renewable energy.

VTB Capital sees complications with viability of Tajik eurobond amid weakening sovereign profile

6 August 2020

Significant rainfall reduction in Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains hit country’s hopes for electricity export to Pakistan, perhaps undercutting potential of “TAJIKI bond” financed Roghun hydropower dam project.

Belarus set to start the Ostrovets NPP within the next few days

5 August 2020

Operations at the first unit of the new Belarusian nuclear power plant (NPP) in Ostrovets, near the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, are being launched early and slated to start in the next few days

Lithuania’s Ignitis to invest €950mn in green energy in Baltics, Poland

28 July 2020

Ignitis considering investments into wind, solar, hydro, waste and biomass powered plants. Company strategy calls for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050,

Turkish lira nears record low versus euro with market anxious over EU sanctions and tie to dollar

27 July 2020

Spanish foreign minister was in Ankara attempting to ease tensions over eastern Mediterranean drilling plans that have upset Greece and Cyprus.

Poland to table restructuring plan for crippled miner PGG

27 July 2020

PGG has been struggling in 2020, as lockdown measures introduced to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic reduced demand for electricity. Poland derives nearly 80% of its power from burning hard and lignite coal.

Romanian PM promises €8bn-9bn investment and western partner for nuclear power plant expansion

24 July 2020

Romania close to signing an agreement with "Euro-Atlantic partners" to complete the third and fourth reactors at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, PM Ludovic Orban says after talks with China's CGN were scrapped.