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Russia's $55bn Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China comes online

3 December 2019

Russia’s Gazprom flagship Power of Siberia gas pipeline mega-project that connects Russia’s Siberian gas fields with China came online on December 2, after the investment of billions of dollars that will earn the company billions more

Iran’s oil export claims not without foundation says

2 December 2019

Satellite technology firm refers to 700,000 barrels a day possibly successfully shipped despite US attempt to drive consignments to zero.

Ukraine, Russia discuss new gas transit deal at bilateral meeting

2 December 2019

Ukrainian and Russian ministers extended talks for a new natural gas supply contract though Ukraine at a bilateral meeting in Vienna on November 28, Ukraine's energy ministry said in a press release that day.

Absurd maritime deal between Turkey and Libyans ignores presence of Crete says Greece

29 November 2019

Agreement set to further complicate disputes between Ankara and regional neighbours over rights to East Mediterranean energy resources.

Ukraine has 16 days left to do a transit deal with Gazprom

27 November 2019

Time has almost run out for Russia and Ukraine to strike a new gas transit deal before the previous one expires. There are 16 days left until December 13 before it becomes impossible to reach a new agreement ahead of the expiration of the contract.

Kazakhstan delays big oil, airline and telecoms IPOs again

27 November 2019

Officials act amid market uncertainty after hired advisers say they should wait on valuations to improve.

Rosatom rolls out the small modular reactor: a mini-nuclear power station to solve some big problems

26 November 2019

Time is running out for the planet. Next year is a crunch year when CO2 emissions must peak if we are to avoid an ecological disaster. Nuclear power is one of the few options we have. So Rosatom is rolling out small modular reactor (SMR).

Hungarian alternative energy company Alteo outlines ambitious growth strategy

26 November 2019

Alteo's five-year strategy sets out the goal of becoming Hungary's number one industrial energy supplier and reaching a 50% share in renewable sources in district heating.

Czech senator refers CEZ' sale of Varna TPP to Bulgaria’s prosecution

24 November 2019

Lukas Wagenknecht has asked the prosecution in Bulgaria to probe the deal due to suspicions that it was intentionally closed at a price that was not beneficial for state-owned CEZ.

Mystery buyer snaps up 3.6% of Gazprom with discount in second SPO this year

22 November 2019

Russian natural gas giant Gazprom sold 3.59% of its quasi-treasury shares at RUB220.7 per share, making a sizable 13% discount to market. Notably, the buyer of the stake is not disclosed, making it the second mystery SPO this year in Russia's largest

Russian Rosatom nuclear agency eyes maritime shipping market

22 November 2019

Russian state nuclear power agency Rosatom is planning a massive expansion in the maritime shipping market with an investment of up to $7bn

Putin says humanity will end up in caves if it abandons hydrocarbons

21 November 2019

If humanity completely abandons hydrocarbons in the energy sector it will “end up in caves”, Russian President Vladimir Putin told delegates at the VTB Russia Calling investment summit.

BOOK REVIEW: Why Germany’s commercial interests prevail in its dealings with big, bad Gazprom

21 November 2019

There is an enigma as to why German political and public opinion is in favour of the Kremlin’s controversial Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. "The Bridge: Natural Gas in a Redivided Europe" by Thane Gustafson tries to solve the riddle.

Hungary’s Opus in talks to sell coal-fuelled power plant Matrai Eromu

20 November 2019

Matrai Eromu has incurred losses due to rising carbon prices, and its future is in danger as a result of tighter rules on carbon-powered plants in the EU.

Poland says key decisions on nuclear power plant just months ahead

19 November 2019

The ruling PiS heralded the construction of up to six nuclear reactors by the 2040s in a move to reduce the dependence of the Polish economy on coal, which currently dominates in the national energy mix.

Slovak ministry to subsidise the purchase of electric cars

19 November 2019

The Slovakian Ministry of Economy has announced a subsidy scheme to promote the purchase of electric vehicles and increase their number on Slovakian roads next year.

Montenegro launches undersea power link to Italy

17 November 2019

First "electrical bridge" from Western Balkans to the rest of Europe is expected to generate export revenues for Montenegro and its neighbours as they step up investment into renewable energy.

Gazprom extends its lead in the King of the castle race

16 November 2019

State-owned gas company Gazprom extended its lead over rival state-owned banking giant Sberbank in the race to be Russia’s most valuable company, after its market capitalisation stepped up by over $10bn in November to make the company worth $93bn.

Czech CEZ’s Turkey-listed JV restructures $854mn loan with Yapi Kredi Bank

12 November 2019

Markets, meanwhile, draw breath as Erdogan prepares for November 13 White House meeting with Trump. Betting is that the two strongmen will reach an accommodation.

Montenegro's WVC to build 100 MW kinetic power plant

11 November 2019

Montenegro has substantial hydropower capacity but is looking to develop other forms of alternative energy.

Germany fails to protect Nord Stream 2 from EU gas laws

11 November 2019

Germany’s Bundestag parliament has failed to pass a bill that would have helped shield the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project from recent amendments to the EU’s gas directive.