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9 December 2022

Russian coal exports hit fresh highs after EU shipping sanctions were softened

8 December 2022

Russian exports of coal have soared to fresh highs after the EU softened sanctions on European shipping companies, allowing them to carry goods worldwide shortly after a ban was imposed in August as part of the fifth package of sanctions.

PM’s attempt to quell Mongolia’s ‘coal mafia’ protests drowned out by livid crowds

7 December 2022

Amid the demonstrations on Ulaanbaatar’s streets, Mongolians young and old tell bne IntelliNews of their disillusionment and economic hardship.

Mongolians attempt to storm Government Palace as protests over coal profits scandal swell

5 December 2022

Majority strived to keep the youth-led demonstrations peaceful, but the bitterness now held towards top officials runs deep and was clear for all to see.

Energy efficiency investment turns the corner in 2022, but more is needed

2 December 2022

Global investment in energy efficiency could rise by 16% to $560bn in 2022, the International Energy Agency said, as governments and consumers respond to fuel supply disruptions and record-high energy prices.