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8 March 2023

Lithium-ion batteries the future, but issues remain

7 March 2023

With electric batteries increasingly important in reducing fossil fuel dependence and in mitigating the impact of climate change, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed regarding efficiency and sustainability of new technologies.

Canadian firm picks Chinese city as regional hydrogen hub

7 March 2023

The Chinese city of Changzhou, around 100 km west of Shanghai, has agreed a deal with Canadian firm Westport Fuel Systems (WFS) to build a new production and innovation centre for hydrogen in the aptly named Changzhou Hydrogen Valley.

Reliance, Adani to build 25 GW of green energy in India

7 March 2023

Reliance Industries is planning to add 10 GW of solar and Adani Ports is planning 15 GW of renewables in Andhra Pradesh in southern India, reports Bloomberg.

$692mn ADB loan secured to finance SE Asia’s largest wind farm

7 March 2023

Impact Electrons Siam, a Thailand-based renewable energy company, has secured a $692mn loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance the Monsoon wind power project in Laos, according to media reports.

CIP, Viviid to co-develop 1.8 GW of renewables in India

7 March 2023

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has formed a partnership with Viviid Renewables, an Indian developer, to create more than 1.8 GW of greenfield renewable energy projects in India.

Lithium mining crackdown to hurt global battery supply

7 March 2023

An investigation into illegal mining in Yichun, China's lithium hub, is expected to have an impact on global supply of the battery raw material by 13% this month, according to analysts.

Malaysian backed transmission line to benefit Cambodia

7 March 2023

Leader Energy, a Malaysian firm, is working to support Cambodia's transition to cleaner energy by installing a new transmission line that will serves as a backbone of Cambodia's energy structure in the years to come.

Aussie rooftop solar to top power source rankings

7 March 2023

Seen as an indication that fossil fuel use is declining across Australia, a new SunWiz report points to more than 20 GW of small-scale, primarily rooftop cells having been installed nationwide in recent years.

Laos wind programme to sell power to Vietnam

7 March 2023

A Laos-based backer of a prominent local wind power project, the Monsoon Wind Power Company, has agreed to a large-scale financing package with the Asian Development Bank to build a 600-MW wind plant in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

India’s Old King Coal is back but overly optimistic

6 March 2023

“King coal is coming back and coming back with a big bang” Jindal Power chairman , Anil Kuma Jha announced at the first Coaltrans India conference to be held in the country since early 2020.

Global energy sector emissions reach new high in 2022

5 March 2023

Global energy-related CO2 emissions reached a new record in 2022 of 36.8bn tonnes, inching up 0.9% from the previous year’s level, the International Energy Agency reported last week.

South Korea scores major nuclear win in Europe

4 March 2023

A nuclear reactor designed by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) has been given a formal thumbs up by a European nuclear body charged with advising utilities across Europe on nuclear safety issues.