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15 March 2023

Battery storage in Australia continues apace

14 March 2023

Australian local utility firm Zen Energy has agreed a deal to purchase a 2.5 hour battery storage site in the state of South Australia. The project, acquired from local developer and fellow Australian firm IPP RES, is forecast to come online in 2024.

Australia’s first offshore wind auction in 2025

14 March 2023

Australia’s first offshore wind auction will be held in 2025 in the state of Victoria, according to Renew Economy Australia. The auction will be for at least 2 GW.

Russian-backed Bangladeshi NPP ahead of schedule

14 March 2023

The first nuclear power plant to be built in Bangladesh has seen the completion of stage one of its outer containment building, with concrete pouring at the site completed a full 45 days ahead of schedule.

BrightNight, ACEN to accelerate 1.2-GW renewables portfolio in India

14 March 2023

BrightNight has formed a partnership with ACEN Renewables International and ACEN International to accelerate the development, construction and operation of BrightNight’s 1.2-GW, multi-technology renewable power portfolio in India.

TotalEnergies has green hydrogen development pipeline of 30 GW in Australia

14 March 2023

Total Eren, 30% owned by oil supermajor TotalEnergies, has over the past 18 months created a hydrogen development pipeline with up to 30 GW of generation capacity in Australia.

Pumped hydro eyed to help with renewables integration

14 March 2023

In a missive issued by the Ministry of Power, it was revealed that Indian government policy is increasingly looking at utilising power from hydro projects around the nation in order to help improve the integration of overall renewable energy.

Green hydrogen subsidies needed across India to keep costs down

14 March 2023

The business head of the influential Indian renewables firm ReNew, Rahula Kashyapa, has said that the central government of Narendra Modi in New Delhi needs to introduce a system of subsidies to help keep production costs of green hydrogen down.

Chinese nuclear safety key to promoting expansion overseas

14 March 2023

Luo Qi, senior engineer at China’s National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), has gone on record as saying he believes that nuclear technology is crucial to his nation’s strength through technology.

World’s largest solar-wind hybrid site commissioned in India

13 March 2023

Adani Green Energy (AGE), the subcontinent’s largest renewables generation firm, has completed construction at its most recent solar-wind hybrid site in Rajasthan.

Big Taiwan wind contract win for Australia’s MMA Offshore

12 March 2023

Perth-based MMA Offshore has secured a trio of offshore wind contracts in waters west of the main island of Taiwan, as one of Asia’s leading wind installation nations continues to push wind over all other forms of renewable energy.