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16 May 2023

North Japan rebuild to incorporate stabilised power grid system

15 May 2023

Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric has received an order for a large-scale ±700MVA STATCOM to help guarantee power supply across the north-east of the country.

Korean SMR use to help develop hydrogen programme

13 May 2023

South Korea is looking into the possible deployment of a small modular reactor in the nation’s Gyeongsang Province bordering the Sea of Japan. The site will be the host of Korea’s long-awaited Uljin Nuclear Hydrogen National Industrial Complex.

Japan identifies five “promising” sites for offshore wind projects

13 May 2023

The Japanese government has selected five zones off the northern island of Hokkaido as "promising” for the development of developing offshore wind projects, marking the second in three stages of choosing sites.

Threat of invasion comes second to Taiwanese wind ambitions

13 May 2023

Taiwan daily faces the threat of invasion from China and ever stronger rhetoric coming from Beijing across the Strait, yet few of the 23mn islanders seem to be paying much attention. This is slowly changing in Taiwan's booming offshore wind sector.

China plans to take hydrogen use to the masses

13 May 2023

China is planning a major investment to boost its ever increasing fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles as it looks to help promote use of the fuel in the general population.

Huge coal deposit find in north-east India announced

13 May 2023

As it continues to be put under pressure to move away from all things coal, India has announced the discovery of what has been termed a huge reserve in the extreme north of the country.

China’s CATL looks at Thailand battery plant options

13 May 2023

The government of Thailand has started discussions with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd (CATL) alongside a number of other battery manufacturers on the subject of siting future battery production lines in the Southeast Asian nation.

ACCIONA, Blue Circle enter Thailand with 436 MW wind

10 May 2023

ACCIONA Energía has been awarded, together with Singapore’s The Blue Circle, a power purchase agreement for five wind projects totalling 436 MW in Thailand.

Australia to invest $2.7bn in renewables, green hydrogen

10 May 2023

Australia will invest $2.7bn in development of its green hydrogen and renewables industry, said the government in its annual budget.