Energo - CEE/FSU Power

15 April 2021

Major economies still reliant on coal

14 April 2021

China, India, the US and Japan dominated coal generation in 2020, and they must take the lead in reducing emissions.

Iran makes defiant “60%” uranium move in wake of suspected attack by Israel

13 April 2021

Day also sees apparent missile strike on Israeli-owned vessel in Gulf. Tensions mount with Vienna nuclear deal talks set to resume.

Istanbul-listed Dogan joining Turkish IPO spree with Galata Wind unit

13 April 2021

Small caps have offered huge returns with flotations the new "kitsch". Turk Ilac, locked at the price ceiling for 20 days, became a rich butt of jokes.

Russia gets ready for green power and problems from costing carbon

8 April 2021

A string of massive environmental disasters in 2020 and the increasing awareness that Russia’s permafrost is melting have put the climate crisis on Russia’s table and the Kremlin is responding.