Energo - CEE/FSU Power

14 October 2021

Governments still woefully short of IEA’s net-zero requirements

13 October 2021

Governments need to smash the stubborn dominance of fossil fuels if the world is to reach net zero by 2050, despite the rapid development of green technologies, the IEA warns.

China looks to Kazakh coal amid energy crisis

12 October 2021

But how much coal Kazakhstan already sells China is a mystery, because the two sides publish different figures.

Ukraine shuts down coal mines as part of green deal with EU

12 October 2021

Ukraine shuts down coal mines as part of green deal with EU

CEE/SEE countries unite in defence of nuclear power

12 October 2021

EU’s pro-nuclear member states want nuclear energy to be included in the bloc's green taxonomy as a way to ameliorate climate change.

bneGREEN: Bulgaria to propose three dates for closure of coal-fired power plants

11 October 2021

Sofia is under pressure to draw up a timeline to shut down its coal plants before the European Commission approves its recovery plan.

Support from MDMs crucial for fostering private green investment

10 October 2021

A key way to save the world from climate catastrophe is to persuade the private sector to spend the necessary trillions in the required green investment.

PKN Orlen to reuse CO2 to pioneer green polymers

10 October 2021

Polish refining giant PKN Orlen is exploring ways of using carbon dioxide to produce so-called green polymers.

COMMENT: Energy lobby dominates Czech climate change debate

8 October 2021

Whoever wins the election, the energy lobby will continue to slow down the country's transformation to a carbon-neutral future.

IEA urges more focus on cutting methane to meet climate targets

7 October 2021

Climate action cannot focus solely on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, as cutting methane output by industry, which has the potential to have the greatest impact on limiting near-term climate change, is essential for meeting global climate targets.