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21 July 2022

EU draws up gas reduction plans on fears of a Russian gas embargo

20 July 2022

The European Commission has drawn up a plan detailing a rationing mechanism and rules to pass price increases on to consumers that can be imposed should Russia cut Europe off from gas deliveries.

Russian gas cut-off could see some European countries' growth fall by 6%, says IMF

20 July 2022

If Russia cuts off its gas deliveries to Europe then the most exposed countries could see their economies contract by up to 6%, the International Monetary Fund said in its blog on July 19.

Ukraine eager to sell major electric company Centrenergo alongside state mines

19 July 2022

Ukraine continues to privatise companies, with the latest plans to sell Centrenergo, a major electric and thermal energy producing company, as well as state-owned mines, Ukraine Business News reported on July 19.

Rosenergoatom extends working life of BN-600 fast neutron reactor

15 July 2022

The Beloyarsk NPP is to replace 24 steam generator modules to prepare for the life extension of the BN-600 sodium-cooled fast reactor at unit 3 beyond 2025

Ukraine sees impressive earnings from electricity exports but iron ore exports have dropped

15 July 2022

Ukraine’s electricity earnings have increased by 160% in the last six months, Ukraine Business News (UBN) reported on July 15.