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25 August 2022

Leaked footage from Zaporizhzhia power plant reveals five Russian military trucks in turbine room

21 August 2022

Leaked footage from the occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) allegedly shows at least five Russian military trucks stored inside the plant on August 18.

GUSTAFSON: Vlad – What's your problem with gas turbines?

19 August 2022

The sudden exit of the Western companies, because of sanctions, leaves the modernisation of the Russian electricity sector in the lurch. Russia cannot make its own gas turbines that are at the heart of every power station.

Energoatom to construct fifth power unit at Rivne NPP

18 August 2022

Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear enterprise Energoatom has announced plans for a fifth power unit at the Rivne nuclear power plant (NPP), to be completed by 2032, Ukraine Business News reported.