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7 May 2021

Energinet announces reorganisation

6 May 2021

Denmark’s state-owned Energinet announced on April 29 that it would merge its twin subsidiaries to form a single gas and power system operator, the Electricity System Operator and Gas Transmission System Operator (TSO).

Germany sets tougher emissions target

6 May 2021

Germany’s government has raised its target for reducing the country’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions following a ruling by the constitutional court.

Shell, BP beat first-quarter expectations

6 May 2021

Super-majors Royal Dutch Shell and BP both beat analyst expectations with their first-quarter results, which were announced last week.

Germany, US remain at odds over Nord Stream 2

6 May 2021

Germany and the US remain at odds over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, following efforts by the administration of US President Joe Biden to find common ground between the two countries.

Wintershall terminates West Mira rig contract

6 May 2021

Germany’s Wintershall has terminated the contract for the West Mira semi-submersible drilling rig in the Norwegian North Sea.

European LNG import, bunkering capacity continues to grow

6 May 2021

Europe continues to add to its LNG import capacity, and efforts to step up bunkering of the super-chilled fuel are also on the rise.

Spirit’s moves illustrate North Sea trends

6 May 2021

Spirit Energy is one of several companies that have been adding production in the North Sea recently, and its projects illustrate some of the broader trends at play in the region.

Cheniere delivers carbon-neutral LNG cargo to Europe

6 May 2021

US LNG producer Cheniere Energy said this week that it had supplied a carbon-neutral cargo of LNG to Royal Dutch Shell in Europe.

EurOil: Spirit, Neptune to partner on Pegasus West

4 May 2021

Spirit Energy and Neptune Energy have agreed to partner on the development of the Pegasus West discovery in the UK’s Southern North Sea.