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14 October 2021

Putin blames low wind power output for gas crisis

13 October 2021

Low wind power output in Europe has played a role in causing the current gas supply crisis in Europe, Russian president Vladimir Putin said in speech on October 13.

After Nord Stream 2 promises, German fund lies dormant

12 October 2021

After Nord Stream 2 promises, German fund lies dormant

From Dutch earthquakes to a UK fracking ban: how declining European gas supply has contributed to the current crisis

12 October 2021

There are many underlying causes behind the current gas supply crisis unfolding in Europe. A “V” shaped market has seen global gas demand surge but adding to a perfect storm is that the EU's own gas production has been plummeting.

STOLYPIN: It isn’t the ‘Usual Suspect' who is really 'weaponising gas'

11 October 2021

That naughty Vladimir Putin is up to his tricks again. Not weaponising football hooligans or COVID vaccines this time, but gas. Politicians are queuing up to blame Russia. The trouble is, this is not just bad analysis but also bad politics.

PKN Orlen to reuse CO2 to pioneer green polymers

10 October 2021

Polish refining giant PKN Orlen is exploring ways of using carbon dioxide to produce so-called green polymers.

ING: Winter is coming… and so is further volatility for energy markets

10 October 2021

Energy prices have seen significant strength recently. European gas prices have rallied 94% during September, taking them to record levels. Oil and coal have also strengthened.

WEBINAR & PODCAST: Natural gas burning bright – are sky-high gas prices the new norm?

7 October 2021

Natural gas prices are at historical highs and breaking records on a nearly daily basis. Are sky-high prices here to stay? What is driving the surge? bne IntelliNews hosted three veterans of the Russian market to discuss the issues.

Repsol raises green targets in bid to reach net-zero goal by 2050

6 October 2021

Spain’s Repsol now aims to reach 6 GW of renewables capacity by 2025 and 20 GW by 2030 as the first steps in becoming a net-zero emissions company by 2050.

European gas prices slide back after Putin hints Russia may help "stabilise" the market

6 October 2021

Natural gas prices in Europe took a dive on the afternoon of October 6, after Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted that Gazprom might release more supply onto the market.