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25 August 2022

Poland’s Azoty Group suspends fertiliser production as high gas prices sting

24 August 2022

Warsaw-listed chemicals group suspends or reduces some products, including nitrogen fertilisers and ammonia.

Kazakhstan’s oil exports via Russian terminus disrupted for fourth time this year

24 August 2022

Speculation again mounts that Kremlin is tampering with its southern neighbour’s shipments.

Bulgarian politicians split over Russia gas imports ahead of snap election

23 August 2022

Caretaker government’s decision to open talks on resuming imports from Gazprom reopens debate over country’s orientation vis-a-vis Russia and the West.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkey doubles oil imports from Russia. What gives?

22 August 2022

The West watches on as Erdogan scorns sanctions on the Kremlin. If the law of the trade-off holds, don’t expect any action.

Bulgaria’s caretaker government starts talks to resume gas imports from Russia

22 August 2022

Energy Minister Rossen Hristov says talks with Gazprom are "inevitable" after Sofia failed to secure enough gas from other sources.

EurOil: Gazprom warns of three-day Nord Stream shutdown

22 August 2022

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Russia to shut down Nord Stream completely for three days from August 31

21 August 2022

Russia plans to close down the Nord Stream gas pipeline for three days between August 31 and September 2, in a move that will put further strain on the European gas market.

Europe pays spiralling LNG prices to fill storages

18 August 2022

Europe’s efforts to fill its gas reserves ahead of the coming winter could come with a hefty price tag, as global LNG price have reached up to 10 times their normal levels as the continent scrambles for available cargoes.

Poverty beckons as UK’s energy prices reach record levels

18 August 2022

The record increase in UK wholesale gas prices in the last three years is the prime driver of the sky-high energy bills being faced by consumers, with the country’s renewables roll-out unable to keep prices down.

PdVSA shifts its course on European oil-for-debt swaps

18 August 2022

Venezuela's PdVSA is no longer willing to supply oil to Europe in exchange for settlement of old debts.