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3 September 2022

For Cypriot gas, the path to Europe may run through Egypt

2 September 2022

Establishing short subsea links with Egypt may be a faster and cheaper way for Cyprus to launch exports than waiting for EastMed, which would be the world’s longest underwater pipeline.

European gas storage tanks reach 80% full target

31 August 2022

The EU now stands on the brink of reaching its long-stated goal of filling its natural gas storage facilities to 80% of capacity – two months early. The target was considered ambitious but the market has done its thing.

Germany looks to Canada for energy supplies

27 August 2022

Germany is hoping that Canadian LNG imports could help it phase out purchases of Russian gas, and has also announced a hydrogen alliance with the North American country.

Ministers warn Bulgaria risks losing billions of dollars in arbitrage against Gazprom

25 August 2022

Caretaker government's decision to open talks with Russian gas giant sparked thousands-strong protest in Sofia.

Diesel fuel prices in Turkey climbing again

25 August 2022

In Istanbul, diesel up 258% y/y and gasoline higher by 173% y/y.