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15 September 2022

Commodity prices fall across the board as the market adjusts to the sanctions realities

14 September 2022

The war in Ukraine will go into its eighth month next week and commodity prices are coming off their record-breaking highs as the market adjusts to the new realities.

War in Ukraine continues to influence global LNG flows

12 September 2022

China is snapping up discounted Russian LNG, while also diverting some cargoes to other countries, and the US continues to target European buyers.

Bulgaria offers electricity-for-gas exchange to Azerbaijan

12 September 2022

As Sofia struggles to secure gas for the winter, caretaker Economy Minister Nikola Stoyanov offers to export electricity to Azerbaijan in exchange for more natural gas.

EU energy ministers clash over Russian gas price cap proposal

12 September 2022

Member states move towards general price cap on gas imports, though details have still to be worked out.

GUSTAFSON: Russian oil exports – are sanctions working?

11 September 2022

Six months after the beginning of the Russian invasion, the “Devil’s Dance” of Western sanctions and Russian oil exports and revenues has barely begun. The main contest still lies ahead.