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14 February 2024

Iraq to continue expanding IOTC fleet

13 February 2024

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil (MoO) has announced plans to continue building out the country’s fleet of the Iraqi Oil Tanker Co. (IOTC), following the addition of two new Norwegian-built units.

Riyadh planning further sale of Aramco shares

13 February 2024

Saudi Arabia is reportedly preparing for another round of share sales in Aramco, aiming to bolster the kingdom’s finances and advance its economic diversification efforts away from oil dependency.

Trump’s return to White House could endanger Iranian-Sino oil trade

13 February 2024

A possible re-election of former US president Donald Trump to high office would send “shock waves” through Iran’s sanctions-hit economy, negatively affecting its oil trade with China, head of the Iranian Parliament’s Research Centre warned.

Iran to develop three struggling gas fields in west

12 February 2024

Iran seeks to develop three floundering gas fields in the west to bring about “sustainable development” and economic prosperity to the poor region, said the CEO of the Iranian Central Oil Fields.

OQ issues RFP to banks for IPO support

12 February 2024

Omani NOC OQ is reported to have invited banks to present proposals for the initial public offerings of two of its subsidiaries, signalling a significant move in the sultanate’s privatisation agenda.

Iran to boost pressure in South Pars to expand natural gas extraction

12 February 2024

Iran plans to implement an enhanced gas recovery project in its giant South Pars gas field to maximise extraction from the flagship asset, Deputy Oil Minister Mohsen Khojasteh-Mehr said.

US troops halt drone attacks on east Syrian oil fields

12 February 2024

Troops belonging to the US-led coalition in Syria shot down six attack drones over the weekend targeting their bases in the Deir al-Zour region of eastern Syria.

Nakilat to own and operate LNG vessels for QatarEnergy

12 February 2024

QatarEnergy has announced its selection of Nakilat to own and operate up to 25 conventional-size LNG carriers under Time Charter Parties to be established by affiliates of both entities.

Oil and gas companies to invest over $1 trillion in the next decade expanding production

12 February 2024

A report from climate campaign group Global Witness reveals that the fossil fuel sector is anticipated to allocate more than $1 trillion worldwide over the next decade for the expansion of natural gas production.

Iran’s annual petrodollars grow over fourfold in three years, oil minister says

11 February 2024

Iran’s Oil Minister Javad Owji boasted about the petroleum industry’s performance under his management, saying the country's oil and gas revenues rose more than four times during his tenure.

US aims to clamp down on Iranian oil sales amid scepticism

11 February 2024

The United States seeks to tighten the screw on the Iranian oil trade through further sanctions over its role in the Middle East’s worsening situation amid scepticism about its ability to do so.

Iraq invites Gazprom to participate in the development of the Nasiriyah field

9 February 2024

Iraqi authorities have said they will invite Russia’s Gazprom to participate in the development of the Nasiriyah oil field.

Iran gas export to Turkey down 42% in 2023, Eurostat data shows

8 February 2024

Iran’s gas export to neighbouring Turkey declined by more than 42% in 2023 amid repeated disruptions, data from the European Union's statistics agency, Eurostat, showed.

Iran to ink $14bn worth of oil and gas development deals

8 February 2024

Iran is gearing up to sign six deals to develop eight oil and gas fields in partnership with local private companies, Iranian authorities said.

QatarEnergy signs 20-year LNG supply deal with India’s Petronet

8 February 2024

QatarEnergy has inked a long-term LNG sale and purchase agreement with India’s Petronet, the companies announced on February 6.

Iran brings online seven major oil, gas projects

7 February 2024

Iran has inaugurated seven oil and gas projects which are expected to bring $6bn annually through a boost in its crude and natural gas production.

Kuwait plans big investment in oil industry to meet future demand

6 February 2024

Kuwait is planning to make major investments in its upstream in the years ahead in order to keep up perceived increase in demand, according to the CEO of its main NOC.

QatarEnergy awards EPCI deals for Al-Shaheen expansion

6 February 2024

The gas-focused NOC continues to develop its largest oil asset, while securing condensate offtake associated with its massive gas expansion projects

Moody’s expects Red Sea disruptions to cause oil price volatility

6 February 2024

Ongoing tensions in the Red Sea may lead to volatility of oil prices amid trade disruptions in the area and elevated shipping, insurance and freight costs.