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21 August 2022

FERC gives Marathon more time to convert Kenai LNG to imports

20 August 2022

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has granted Trans-Foreland Pipeline, a unit of Marathon Petroleum, more time to convert the mothballed Kenai LNG export terminal in Alaska to imports.

US oil and gas industry weighs impact of Inflation Reduction Act

20 August 2022

The oil and gas industry is assessing the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act, which has been signed into law by US President Joe Biden.

Enbridge wins battle to keep Line 5 case in federal court

20 August 2022

Canada’s Enbridge has won a victory in its ongoing battle with the State of Michigan to keep its Line 5 pipeline operating after a judge rejected Michigan’s bid to move jurisdiction over the lawsuit to a state court.

Audubon wins contract for LLOG’s Salamanca project in Gulf

20 August 2022

Audubon Engineering announced on August 17 that it had been awarded a contract by LLOG Exploration Offshore to support the Salamanca floating production system (FPS) project in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Canadian government, oil sands producers explore tailings options

20 August 2022

The Canadian government is exploring options for how to deal with tailings ponds in northern Alberta. And this week, the country’s oil sands industry outlined proposals to release treated water from the tailings ponds into the Athabasca River.

Santos sanctions Pikka project in Alaska

18 August 2022

Australia’s Santos announced this week that it had taken a final investment decision on Phase 1 of the Pikka oil project on Alaska’s North Slope.

Phillips 66 makes offer for DCP Midstream

18 August 2022

Phillips 66 announced this week that it had made a non-binding offer to acquire all publicly owned common units of pipeline operator DCP Midstream.

NorthAmOil: Centrica, Delfin sign preliminary LNG supply deal

15 August 2022

UK-based Centrica has signed a heads of agreement to buy 1mn tonnes per year of LNG from the US’ Delfin Midstream.

ExxonMobil considering global expansion in trading

11 August 2022

ExxonMobil is reportedly considering expanding its trading operations globally amid elevated commodity prices.

Gulf hit by infrastructure outages

11 August 2022

The US Gulf of Mexico is reported to have been hit by infrastructure outages. A leak at a booster station in Louisiana is reported to have led to operations on two oil pipelines being suspended.

Freeport LNG reported to have retracted force majeure

11 August 2022

Privately owned Freeport LNG is reported to have retracted the force majeure it had declared after an explosion at the liquefaction and export facility in June.

ATB: Alberta achieves record oil production in first half of 2022

11 August 2022

Alberta’s oil production hit a new record of 3.6mn barrels per day (bpd) on average in the first half of 2022, according to a new report from ATB Economics.

Centrica, Delfin sign preliminary LNG supply deal

11 August 2022

UK-based Centrica has signed a heads of agreement (HoA) to buy 1mn tonnes per year (tpy) of LNG from the US’ Delfin Midstream.

Fire could plunge Cuba into an energy crisis

11 August 2022

Following a blaze that has destroyed at least 40% of the Matanzas Supertanker Base, Cuba stands to run low on power plant fuel. The consequences could lead the US to reconsider sanctions policy.