REM - Renewable Energy

7 January 2021

EVs cross 50% threshold in Norway

6 January 2021

Electric vehicles now account for over 50% of Norway’s new registrations, with official data showing that 54.3% of the country’s 2020 new car market was taken up by EVs.

2021 set to be a poor year for coal in Asia

6 January 2021

Bangladesh, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have slashed their coal project pipelines by 62 GW as investors back out and coal proves a risky proposition

Vineyard Wind awards second marine survey contract to APEM

6 January 2021

US wind developer Vineyard Wind has awarded a contract to marine survey consultants APEM to carry out a second year of monthly surveys for the OCS-A 0501 lease area off the coast of Massachusetts.

Vast tide of floating waste threatens Balkan hydropower plants

5 January 2021

Tens of thousands of cubic meters of waste are floating on the Drina river and its tributaries as the countries in the river basin — Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia — have failed for years to upgrade their waste management systems.

Wind turbine manufacturer Vestas continues to grow in Latin America

5 January 2021

Vestas has secured a 95-MW order for wind turbines for two projects in the state of Pernambuco in Brazil. Vestas has also received a 504-MW order for an undisclosed project in Colombia.

Renewables assets change hands in Romania as energy companies look to green future

4 January 2021

Demand for wind and solar parks is growing in Romania, where Hidroelectrica and Engie Romania snapped up local renewables assets in December.

Ukrainian utility DTEK launches new green strategy

25 December 2020

Ukraine’s leading utility DTEK announced a new corporate strategy on December 22 that will dramatically increase the share of green energy it produces and puts ESG principles at the core of its business

AfDB secures $90mn in donor commitments to fund sustainable generation

17 December 2020

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has secured $90mn in new donor commitments for the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), which aims to fund sustainable generation and nudge governments away from dirty and costly fossil fuel technology.

Nigeria opens EU-supported solar off-grid projects

17 December 2020

The Nigerian government has said it wants solar energy to improve access-to-power in rural areas as it opens a number of Solar Nigeria power projects across the country.

Green hydrogen has potential to compete with fossil fuels by 2030

17 December 2020

Hydrogen produced with renewable electricity, known as green hydrogen, could compete on costs with fossil fuel alternatives by 2030, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has claimed in a new report.

Green investment forecast to return to pre-COVID levels in 2021

17 December 2020

Global capex spending on ren–ewables is poised to bounce back in 2021, rising 8.5% to $255bn – in line with 2019 levels, IHS Markit Energy Advisory Service said this week.

Pakistan to abandon new coal projects

17 December 2020

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his country will no longer approve new coal-fired power generation projects as part of a number of efforts by his government to combat climate change.