REM - Renewable Energy

6 May 2021

Vice-President Kamala Harris pushes infrastructure plan as an investment, not an expense

5 May 2021

Vice-President Kamala Harris touted Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan as an “an investment, not an expense” in a visit to Milwaukee on May 4.

Indonesia plans geothermal IPO

5 May 2021

Indonesia is planning to merge three state-owned geothermal companies into a single holding as part of wider plans for an IPO in the fourth quarter of 2021.

China adds over 10 GW of solar and wind in Q1

5 May 2021

China added 5,260 MW of wind capacity in the first three months of the year, alongside 5,560 MW of solar, according to official figures.

Rush for renewables sees demand for critical minerals soar

5 May 2021

Unmet demand for copper, lithium, nickel and cobalt could create potential energy security hazards, warns the IEA.

Dominion Energy seeks proposals for up to 1 GW of solar and onshore wind

5 May 2021

Dominion Energy Virginia is seeking proposals for up to 1 GW of solar and onshore wind and for 100 MW of energy storage located in Virginia.

Big changes under Biden for US oil and gas

30 April 2021

US President Joe Biden’s push to prioritise the fight against climate change means major changes for the country’s oil and gas industry.

EIB approves €340mn of renewables and water funding for Africa

29 April 2021

The European Investment Bank has approved €340mn of funding for water and renewable energy in Africa.

Mozambique pre-qualifies five IPPs for 40-MW solar project

29 April 2021

Mozambique's Energy Regulatory Authority (Arene) has published the results of the pre-qualification process for the construction of a 40-MW solar power plant in Dondo in Sofala Province.

US supports 5-GW solar roll-out in Namibia and Botswana

29 April 2021

US President Joe Biden has confirmed his administration’s support for Namibia and Botswana’s Mega Solar Project, which aims to develop 5 GW of solar power across the two countries.

Chevron, Toyota partner on large-scale hydrogen development

29 April 2021

North American subsidiaries of super-major Chevron and automotive manufacturer Toyota are pursuing an alliance on large-scale hydrogen development.