REM - Renewable Energy

14 April 2022

War in Ukraine raises importance of renewables in biggest energy shock since 1973

13 April 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed energy security up to the top of the agenda, raising the importance of energy efficiency and faster renewable growth.

Green investment surges 50% since October

13 April 2022

Current post-COVID spending commitments on renewable energy by governments will keep the world on course for net zero by 2050, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said.

US wind company to pay up to $35 mn for illegal eagle deaths

13 April 2022

ESI Energy Inc, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, has pled guilty and been sentenced for killing eagles at its wind farms. Fines and compensation total up to $35 mn.

Global green growth reaches 9.1% in 2021

13 April 2022

Renewables now accounts for 38% of total power consumption and was the first choice for 81% of new capacity additions in 2021, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) said in a recent statistical report.

ArcelorMittal to develop 200 MW of green capacity in South Africa

13 April 2022

Arcelormittal South Africa aims to develop 200 MW of renewable energy capacity in South Africa in a bid to insulate its steel production from the country’s unreliable and temperamental national grid and to push forward decarbonisation efforts.

EU developing more ambitious targets for renewable energy, says climate policy chief

13 April 2022

The European Union will establish higher targets for renewable energy as it seeks more energy independence from Russia, the bloc’s climate policy chief Frans Timmermans has told reporters.

First Solar signs 4-GW deal with Silicon Ranch

13 April 2022

First Solar has signed a master supply agreement to supply 4 GWDC of advanced thin-film photovoltaic solar modules to the US company Silicon Ranch, an independent power producer.

REM: Plans for green hydrogen coupled with offshore wind advance in Europe

13 April 2022

Mitsubishi will collaborate with UK oil supermajor Shell in producing green hydrogen at wind farms in Europe, according to Japanese media. The news was reported by the Yomiuri newspaper, which cited sources familiar with the matter.

Eni, Rwanda sign MoU on co-operation in circular economy areas

11 April 2022

Eni and the government of Rwanda have signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue business opportunities in the energy transition

HSE opens largest solar power plant in Slovenia

10 April 2022

Prime Minister Janez Jansa says developing Slovenia's energy resources has become even more important since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Six companies partner on Singapore green e-methanol project

10 April 2022

Six companies have formed a partnership that will aim to establish the first green e-methanol plant in Asia.

Uzbekistan: Nuclear deal with Russia still on the table despite sanctions

8 April 2022

Even if Rosatom is not targeted by sanctions, its future projects could still be affected.

UK to generate 95% of electricity from low-carbon sources by 2030

7 April 2022

The UK plans to generate 95% of its electricity from low-carbon sources by 2030, according to a new energy strategy released by the government on April 7.

Trident Winds proposes 2-GW floating wind farm off Washington State

7 April 2022

Seattle-based company Trident Winds has applied to the US Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management for a lease to build an up to 2-GW floating offshore wind farm off the coast of Washington State. The bid request was unsolicited.

Suncor unveils changes to energy transition strategy

7 April 2022

Calgary-based Suncor Energy has said it would sell off its wind and solar assets, while focusing more on hydrogen and renewable fuels as part of its energy transition strategy.

China forges new hydrogen development plan

7 April 2022

China’s new national hydrogen development plan aims to produce the fuel from low-carbon sources, improve storage and transport, and diversify end uses, and has set a short-term green hydrogen production target of 200,000 tonnes per year by 2025.