REM - Renewable Energy

8 September 2023

SAF progress stalls in Africa

7 September 2023

Energy analyst and project officer at WWF South Africa Farai Chireshe stated September 5 that sustainable air fuel (SAF) projects in Africa had stalled due to lack of demand.

COP28 presidency announces $4.5bn UAE clean-energy finance initiative for Africa

6 September 2023

A $4.5bn UAE finance initiative has been announced to help Africa transition to clean energy.

Carbon offset market shrinks

6 September 2023

Carbon offset markets have decreased for the first time since 2016, with companies such as food giant Nestle, the fashion house Gucci and Shell reducing their purchases of such voluntary offsets.

UK government’s easing of rules for onshore wind too limited, says trade group

6 September 2023

The UK government’s proposed changes for onshore wind are too limited and do not address the “de facto ban” that has been placed on the sector, says RenewableUK, the UK’s main renewable energy trade group.

H1 global wind turbine orders hit new high at 69.5 GW, says Wood Mackenzie

6 September 2023

Global wind turbine order intake reached new highs in the first half of the year (H1), with 69.5 GW of activity, a 12% increase year on year, said a new analysis from Wood Mackenzie.

Massachusetts opens 3.6-GW offshore wind solicitation

6 September 2023

The US state of Massachusetts has opened a procurement round for 3.6 GW of offshore wind projects.

In 2023, US renewable diesel production capacity surpassed that of biodiesel

6 September 2023

In January 2023, US production capacity of renewable diesel and other biofuels reached 3bn gallons per year, surpassing US biodiesel production capacity for the first time, sad the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Record-high 4 GW of rooftop solar capacity set to come in India in fiscal year 2024

6 September 2023

India’s rooftop solar market is likely to add a record-high 4 GW of capacity in fiscal year 2024, according to a new joint report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis and JMK Research & Analytics.

Wind projects off New York seek 48% higher offtake agreements

6 September 2023

The developers of four offshore wind farms off New York State in the US are seeking average price rises of 48% for their offtake agreements.

Biden administration announces $15.5bn to support electric vehicles

6 September 2023

The US Department of Energy has announced a $15.5bn package of funding and loans primarily focused on retooling existing factories for the transition to electric vehicles.

EU fossil generation hits record low as demand falls

6 September 2023

A fall in demand has driven a collapse in coal and gas generation in the EU in the first half of 2023, as solar pushes forward clean power growth, said clean energy think-tank Ember.

$10bn transmission line breaks ground for wind power in US

6 September 2023

The largest renewable energy infrastructure project in the US has broken ground in New Mexico.

Deadly storms hit Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Brazil as climate change worsens weather

6 September 2023

Europe is being swamped by torrential rain, deadly floods and heat in a start to the autumn that follows a summer of wildfires in Greece. Brazil has also lost at least 27 people in a cyclone.

Japanese wind chief quits over bribery allegation

6 September 2023

The former president of a wind power company at the centre of a bribery probe has admitted to providing funds to a House of Representatives member, Masatoshi Akimoto, to "reward" him for questioning and interventions in parliament.

Electric vehicle battery recycling startup raises $1bn

6 September 2023

Battery recycling startup Redwood Materials has brought in $1bn in a funding round to expand its US operations.

Wave-powered renewable subsea power project completes test programme

6 September 2023

A collaborative renewable subsea power project has successfully completed its initial four-month test programme in the UK North Sea.

Africa’s inaugural Climate Summit calls for biggest investment into renewable energy projects

6 September 2023

The inaugural Africa Climate Summit is wrapping up in Nairobi. President William Ruto of host nation Kenya has emerged as a prominent advocate for a paradigm shift in the continent's approach to adjusting to climate change.

Indonesia's state-owned Pertamina reveals its geothermal energy plan at ASEAN Summit

6 September 2023

During the ASEAN-Indo-Pacific Forum (AIPF), Indonesia's state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina (Persero) outlined its plans for geothermal development in Indonesia.

29 Russian cities have joined emission quotas trial

5 September 2023

Russia is looking to address air quality problems and the overall environmental situation in its cities as part of a federal programme, but these efforts could be stunted by international sanctions.

South Korea pledges to invest $1.7bn in lithium carbonate in Argentina

5 September 2023

South Korean steel maker Posco has agreed to invest $1.7bn in lithium carbonate production in Argentina. By the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, the project should produce enough annually to power the batteries of 600,000 electric vehicles.

Malaysia continues to push for green hydrogen to combat climate change

5 September 2023

Energy companies in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia are intensifying their efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by investing in technology and clean energy assets, including hydrogen.

Vietnam revises solar power regulations rules to boost investment in the north

4 September 2023

Vietnam has launched a strategic initiative to bolster solar energy projects in its northern regions through an updated pricing framework.

Renewable energy in SE Asia will earn $100bn by 2030

3 September 2023

Renewable energy generation in Southeast Asia, including Laos, will generate revenues of $90bn to $100bn by 2030, according to a recent report titled "Renewable Energy Manufacturing: Opportunities for Southeast Asia"

Bangchak to acquire Esso, boosting rebranding efforts with a THB22bn deal

1 September 2023

Bangchak Corporation has announced its acquisition of 2.28bn shares of Esso (Thailand), amounting to 65.99% of the total issued and sold common shares. The transaction is valued at approximately THB22.6bn ($645mn).

COMMENT: The water and energy nexus in Central Asia

1 September 2023

Climate change is real, and it calls for action at the global, regional, and national levels. One of its impacts is additional water stress in addition to what many countries experience already. Effective counteraction requires joint action.

IMF: Africa's fragile states are greatest climate change casualties

31 August 2023

Climate change poses grave threats to countries across Africa – but especially fragile and conflict-affected states. As the continent’s leaders converge on Kenya for the African Climate Action Summit, it is vital that they come up with solutions