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18 July 2023

Korean SMR industry given a major public-private boost

15 July 2023

When President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea took office in early 2022, in part on the back of a pro-nuclear campaign, few thought the reversal in fortunes of nuclear power after being swept aside by the previous administration would be so immediate.

Chinese coal output to guarantee nationwide safety net

15 July 2023

The world’s largest coal power generator by volume, China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy), announced this month that it had recently increased mining capacity in a bid to guarantee a stable supply of electricity across the country.

Taiwan electronics giant makes belated moves to go green

15 July 2023

Often dubbed the world's ‘largest technology manufacturer’, Taiwan’s Foxconn is finally making moves towards improving its own green footprint, both inside and outside the country, according to reports.

Myanmar power plans hit by sudden closure of Chinese-backed plant

14 July 2023

Just months after first coming online as part of testing prior to full commercial operations, a Chinese-backed power plant in Myanmar has suddenly shut down and is no longer generating power, sources in the country say.

5 GW offshore wind zone announced off Australia

12 July 2023

Australia’s federal government has declared a 5-GW offshore wind zone off New South Wales, the country’s second.

CS Wind buys Bladt

12 July 2023

South Korean wind turbine tower manufacturer CS Wind will purchase Denmark’s Bladt Industries from Nordic Capital. Bladt makes substructures for offshore wind turbines.

India’s largest fuel retailer to take lead in green hydrogen production

11 July 2023

The director of Indian Oil Corporation’s research and development (R&D) division, SSV Ramakumar, has said that his firm aims to convert a full 50% of hydrogen used by the firm to green hydrogen by the end of the decade.

CATL improves EV battery charging, secures large-scale lithium supplies

11 July 2023

At an industry event in the commercial capital, Shanghai, CATL's senior scientist, Wu Kai, was reported as saying that new materials had been developed with the potential to improve the current levels of charging efficiency of lithium batteries.

Solar starting to claw back on China’s power output rankings charts

11 July 2023

After years of wind installations off China’s coast making headlines, and just a week after news of another record-breaking turbine of 16 GW having been installed in the nation’s south-east hit the front pages, solar has started to fight back.

Indonesian minister targets Germany, Poland for criticism on coal imports

11 July 2023

Indonesia’s Chief Investment Affairs Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, speaking at an event recently, lashed out at Western nations, in particular Germany and Poland, in addition to wider attitudes towards coal use.

Wind power site on Sea of Japan doubles as tourist spot

11 July 2023

Three large-scale wind turbines currently being positioned just off the coast of Nyuzen, a small town in Japan’s Toyama Prefecture, in the Hokuriku region of the country, are attracting attention for all the right reasons.