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17 August 2023

Iran increases LPG export capacity

16 August 2023

Jalil Salari, managing director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), said in an August 12 press conference that Iran had increased its capacity to export liquefied petroleum gas.

TEHRAN BLOG: Petrol queues choke Iranian cities

16 August 2023

Iranian car owners are driven around the bend by petrol station queues, even though the government says there isn't a shortage.

Egypt’s hydrocarbon exports plunge by 47% y/y to $3.89bn in the first five months of 2023

14 August 2023

Egypt’s hydrocarbon and refined petroleum product exports plunged by 47% year on year in terms of value to $3.89bn in the first five months (January-May) of 2023 compared to the same period the previous year.

Iran stockpiles 5bn litres of LPG for winter

13 August 2023

In a strategic move to ensure an uninterrupted power supply during the winter months, approximately 5bn litres of liquid fuel have been stockpiled in the storage tanks of power plants across Iran

Industry trends help reinforce Nigeria’s deal with Golar LNG

11 August 2023

NNPCL’s increasing interest in FLNG projects is in line with global LNG operators’ flagging interest in onshore LNG plants.

Iraq’s Karbala oil refinery struggles to reach full capacity

10 August 2023

Iraq’s 140,000-bpd Karbala oil refinery has struggled to reach its expected throughput capacity following severe technical difficulties that saw the plant taken offline in June.