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1 October 2022

Report says Russian gas supplies to Europe via TurkStream now endangered

29 September 2022

Gazprom unit that operates pipeline said to be withdrawing all technical support.

Germany says three out of four Nord Stream pipelines damaged beyond repair

29 September 2022

The disabling of Nord Stream has spooked markets as it removes the possibility of resuming deliveries of gas in the depth of winter if an energy crisis becomes acute.

Russian oil exports still booming and the EU is still a major buyer

28 September 2022

One of the side-effects of the EU stepping up imports of US oil is that it has increased European demand for Russian diesel.

Poland worried about Baltic Pipe security after Nord Stream explosions

28 September 2022

Warsaw fears sabotage of Nord Stream on same day Baltic Pipe opened was no coincidence.

MOSCOW BLOG: Whodunnit?

28 September 2022

Social media loves a good conspiracy theory, but it has gone off the Richter scale speculating on who was behind the take-down of the four Nord Stream gas pipelines, two of which sprang leaks on Sunday night as we reported yesterday morning.

Seismologists record explosions in area of Nord Stream leaks

27 September 2022

Explosions were registered by seismologists in Sweden over the last 36 hours, according to the country’s national broadcaster SVT, in the same areas where gas leaks were reported to have occurred at the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines yesterday, stokin

Sabotage suspected as gas leaks reported at both Nord Stream 1 and 2

27 September 2022

Natural gas leaks have now been reported at both Russia’s Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, and while the reasons are unclear, the fact that both pipelines suffered leaks on the same day has prompted speculation of sabotage.

Pressure drops in Nord Stream pipelines as gas leaks into sea

27 September 2022

Pressure fell in both branches of the Nord Stream gas pipeline from the giant Russian Yamal Arctic gas fields to Germany during the evening of September 26, reportedly due to a leak.

Secret report reveals top officials knew Bulgaria wouldn’t benefit from Balkan Stream

27 September 2022

Sofia paid over €1.5bn for its section of the Balkan Stream pipeline, which has never delivered any gas to Bulgaria.

AfrOil: Sonatrach CEO says Algeria can meet Italian gas supply pledges

26 September 2022

Algeria will be able to supply Italy with at least 25bn cubic metres of natural gas this year, said Tewfik Hakkar, the CEO of the national oil company Sonatrach.