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25 June 2022

US, Canada and allies discuss price cap on Russian oil

24 June 2022

The US has held talks with Canada and other allies to consider imposing a price cap on Russian oil in the latest attempt to limit Moscow’s energy revenue amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Gas crisis: Can Europe store enough gas this summer to get through the winter?

23 June 2022

“Winter is coming, and the night is full or terrors.” The Game of Thrones' most famous quote would serve well as a morning greeting for gas traders as they come into work.

African gas pipeline projects revived due to European gas crisis

23 June 2022

A mounting gas crisis in Europe caused by Russia’s decision to reduce flows has revived several African gas pipeline projects to take over from the Russian deliveries.

Ukraine targets oil infrastructure inside Russia

22 June 2022

A fire at an oil refinery 150 km behind Russia's front line has been widely attributed to a kamikaze attack by Ukrainian drones. This is only the latest in a series of targeted acts of sabotage in Russian territory.

Russia to back €1.5bn investment in two gas-fired power plants in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska

22 June 2022

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik announces major investment after he blocked Russia sanctions and voiced strong support for Russian President Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg.

China, India overtake Germany as Russia’s biggest buyer of crude oil

22 June 2022

Oil imports by China and India from Russia have surged thanks to the sanctions on Russia in May to overtake Germany as Russia’s biggest trade partner.

Russia-EU gas crisis enters next phase as Germany, Italy and France all report cuts in supply

20 June 2022

The crisis in the EU-Russia gas relationship has taken another turn for the worse, with Germany, Italy and France all reporting cuts in supply after all three countries backed Ukraine’s bid for EU candidate status.

Putin praises Bosnia’s Dodik for loyalty to Russia

19 June 2022

Bosnian Serb leader travels to St Petersburg for SPIEF 2022 forum after blocking Bosnian efforts to impose sanctions on Russia.