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Poland says key decisions on nuclear power plant just months ahead

19 November 2019

The ruling PiS heralded the construction of up to six nuclear reactors by the 2040s in a move to reduce the dependence of the Polish economy on coal, which currently dominates in the national energy mix.

Slovak ministry to subsidise the purchase of electric cars

19 November 2019

The Slovakian Ministry of Economy has announced a subsidy scheme to promote the purchase of electric vehicles and increase their number on Slovakian roads next year.

Montenegro launches undersea power link to Italy

17 November 2019

First "electrical bridge" from Western Balkans to the rest of Europe is expected to generate export revenues for Montenegro and its neighbours as they step up investment into renewable energy.

Gazprom extends its lead in the King of the castle race

16 November 2019

State-owned gas company Gazprom extended its lead over rival state-owned banking giant Sberbank in the race to be Russia’s most valuable company, after its market capitalisation stepped up by over $10bn in November to make the company worth $93bn.

Czech CEZ’s Turkey-listed JV restructures $854mn loan with Yapi Kredi Bank

12 November 2019

Markets, meanwhile, draw breath as Erdogan prepares for November 13 White House meeting with Trump. Betting is that the two strongmen will reach an accommodation.

Montenegro's WVC to build 100 MW kinetic power plant

11 November 2019

Montenegro has substantial hydropower capacity but is looking to develop other forms of alternative energy.

Germany fails to protect Nord Stream 2 from EU gas laws

11 November 2019

Germany’s Bundestag parliament has failed to pass a bill that would have helped shield the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project from recent amendments to the EU’s gas directive.

Georgia’s Bitcoin mining “sucking its power grid dry”

6 November 2019

Grey economy businesses “patronised by high-ranking officials” have set up in Svaneti region where locals receive free electricity because of the degree of hardship.

Ukraine's natural gas monopoly raises $500mn via new Eurobond placement

5 November 2019

Ukraine's natural gas monopoly Naftogaz has raised $500mn via a seven-year Eurobond, the company said in a statement on November 5.

Azerbaijani gas ‘won’t flow to EU terminus until at least October 2020’

1 November 2019

Delays reportedly caused in construction of final stretch of 3,400-km Southern Gas Corridor that is to make landfall in Italy.

Vostok Oil is the new kid on Russia’s energy block

31 October 2019

Vostok Oil is a joint venture set up to explore and exploit the oil resources of the Arctic, and the Kremlin has started to throw significant resources at the company as Russia’s existing oil fields reach peak production.

Denmark greenlights Nord Stream 2 construction in its waters

31 October 2019

After months of bitter wrangling, the government of Denmark gave the go-head for Russia’s Gazprom to build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline through its territorial waters – the last country on the route between Russia and Germany to grant construction perm

Moscow’s new African initiatives

30 October 2019

Russian companies and African states signed a number of new memoranda last week at the first Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi

Latest Russia-Ukraine gas talks fail to yield breakthrough

29 October 2019

Officials from Russia, Ukraine and the EU met again on October 28in Brussels to discuss terms for the transit of Russian gas via Ukraine next year, with still no breakthrough in negotiations in sight.

Serbia to invest €1bn to meet EU’s environmental protection standards

28 October 2019

Serbia's ultimate goal is to make all its energy facilities compliant with EU environmental standards, as it aims to join the bloc by 2025.

Shares of Russian oil dinosaur Surgut soar in mystery rally

28 October 2019

The shares of Russian fourth largest oil producer Surgutneftegaz (Surgut) leaped by a third (31%) in value between October 23 and October 25 and setting a new all time high price record of RUB48 ($0.75), with no apparent catalysts or news flow.

Baltic Pipe clears last major hurdle as Denmark grants offshore construction permits

27 October 2019

The Baltic Pipe is a major element in Poland’s plan to wean itself off Russian gas, which currently covers around two-thirds of the country’s demand.

Bulgaria’s competition watchdog bans sale of CEZ’ assets to Eurohold

24 October 2019

Czech utility's second attempt to offload its Bulgarian assets is blocked by regulator, which warns deal would cause a "significant deterioration" of market competition.

Enel Russia sells its biggest coal-burning power station as it goes green

24 October 2019

Russia’s biggest foreign-owned utilities company has finally sold its Reftinskaya power station for an undisclosed amount as part of its efforts to “go green” as well as become more profitable.

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy announces cooperation with richest Pole on small modular reactor for Synthos

22 October 2019

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy has signed an agreement with Poland’s chemical giant Synthos, owned by the richest Pole Michal Solowow, on the potential construction of a small modular reactor.