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Turkey ‘to sign $2.7bn compensation deal for pre-war work carried out in Libya’

10 January 2020

Backlog of Turkish contract work in conflict-torn country amounts to $16bn says business council representative. Ankara militarily backing Tripoli government in bid to ensure its survival.

Lukashenko slams Russia for "making three times more money" from gas sales to Belarus than from Germany

10 January 2020

Belarusian President says Russian natural gas monopoly Gazprom earns "three times as much in Belarus than in Germany" from gas sales amid the lack of agreement with Moscow on new oil and gas subsidies for Minsk.

Russian nuclear power plants produce a record 208bn kWh in 2019

6 January 2020

Nuclear plans account for 19% of Russia’s aggregate electricity generation compared to the 40% European average.

Russia resumes oil deliveries to Belarus after new supply deal agreed

5 January 2020

Russia suspended oil deliveries in the first week of January as it failed to agree a new supply contract with Minsk, but supplies were resumed on January 4 after talks between the two countries' prime ministers.

Russia halts oil supplies to Belarus after talks on a new supply contract fail

4 January 2020

The previous supply contract expired on December 31, 2019 and the two sides had been trying to agree a new deal.

Bone-chilling threat to US issued by successor to assassinated Iranian general

3 January 2020

“We tell everyone, be patient and see the dead bodies of Americans all over the Middle East,” says Esmail Ghaani. Donald Trump claims he “does not seek war”.

US killing of Iran’s top general risks all-out Middle East war

3 January 2020

Tehran vows vengeance after Trump-authorised drone assassination of commander often seen as second most powerful figure in Islamic Republic.

Russia, Ukraine agree on new five-year transit deal as US slaps sanctions on Nord Stream 2, TurkStream pipelines

21 December 2019

Ukraine and Russia have agreed on the principles of a five-year gas transit deal that still needs to be signed before December 29 just as the first US company suspends construction activities on Nord Stream 2 pipeline after new sanctions were imposed

Ukraine, Russia reach gas transit agreement 'in principle'

20 December 2019

Ukraine and Russia have reached an agreement on natural gas transit from early January "in principle", Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic said following the trilateral talks in Berlin on December 19.

Bulgaria invites 5 companies to file binding bids for Belene nuclear project

19 December 2019

The government in Sofia hopes to finish the project within 10 years at a cost of up to €10bn, but critics question its economic viability.

No gas transit deal with Russia “99% certain” as Ukraine hikes gas tariffs for local producers

18 December 2019

The chances of no gas transit deal being struck between Ukraine and Russia before the December 31 deadline is “99% certain” Ukrainian officials told leading gas producer JKF.

Europe's nuclear power debate heats up as climate emergency grows closer

17 December 2019

The new European Commission has set a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 to avoid a climate disaster, but the target is controversial as the only way to get there is to ramp up the role nuclear power plays in producing Europe’s electricity.

Gazprom slashes investment for second year in a row

16 December 2019

The management committee of Russia's Gazprom has approved a 16.5% cut in investments next year, marking the second annual reduction in a row, the state gas exporter reported on December 12.

Russia, Ukraine strike preliminary gas transit deal

15 December 2019

Russia and Ukraine have struck a preliminary gas transit deal to replace the contract that is due to expire on December 31, 2019, Naftogaz executive director Yuriy Vitrenko said on his Facebook page.

Turkish drones flying from Northern Cyprus ‘to escort drill ships seen as illicit by EU’

14 December 2019

Armed unmanned aerial vehicles among drones to operate from airport designated by breakaway territory’s cabinet.

Croatia's INA signs off on €537mn refinery upgrade

13 December 2019

INA's investment at Rijeka will be the largest in its history, establishing the plant as a top-tier European refinery.

Poland spared commitment to EU 2050 climate neutrality goal – for now

13 December 2019

The EU will strive to reach climate neutrality in 2050. Poland was the only country not to sign up for the goal and the discussion on how to get Warsaw on board will resume in June.

Poland is ready if Russia cuts gas transit to the EU across Ukraine this winter

12 December 2019

Poland is ready if Russia cuts gas transit to the EU across Ukraine this winter, oil and gas company PGNIG said in a statement on December 11.

NEWSBASE: A closer look at Niger with Savannah Petroleum

11 December 2019

Savannah is working to expand Niger’s oil production capacity in the Agadem Rift Basin, and it believes the country has the potential to attract additional outside investment.

Estonia and Latvia mull 1 GW offshore wind project

10 December 2019

Offshore wind farm to add to low-carbon energy sources in the Estonian and Latvian energy mixes, in line with the EU’s climate goals. Estonia’s electricity production currently relies on burning oil shale and is among the dirtiest in Europe.

Rouhani says Iran's "resistance budget" has “least possible dependence on oil”

8 December 2019

Sales of state bonds and properties to be used to help plug gap caused by lost orders for shipped crude.

Poland launches huge renewable energy auction in bid to improve energy mix

6 December 2019

Polish energy market regulator URE launched an auction for up to 2.5 gigawatts of onshore wind power capacity as Warsaw seeks to meet the EU-required target of a 15% share of renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2020.